Arnhem 2007 - When Bruce was in bed

Kat.: In English Utw.: 17.07.2008 Iza Barczyńska (transl. Monika Schubert) E-mail
Max Weinberg i Iza Barczyńska (fot. Michael de Burger)
Max Weinberg i Iza Barczyńska (fot. Michael de Burger)

Arnhem, 30.11.2007  - On Friday afternoon I thought somebody must be joking that the concert was not going to take place that day. Later I could hear on the radio that it had really been postponed till next day. Many fans have no possibility to attend it but the tickets can be returned up till the end of December...

I was going to go to the book fairs tomorrow, but in that case I went there today. Before going out I was joking that we should take some aspirin and bring it to Bruce to the hotel. After visiting the fairs we went to the hotel to see if any fans, despite the info  that Bruce was sick,  were standing there. And there really were four freezing fans - we came up to them to ask some questions...

We were at the hotel at 9 p.m. but they had been standing there for the whole day long and had not seen anybody. Well, no wonder that nobody was willing to come out of the warm room in such weather - the whole day was glomy and it was raining from time to time - just late autumn weather. We were talking for about 5 minutes when we noticed some movement near the hotel door and it was Roy Brittan who appeared. He came up to us and talked for a while. He was in a hurry for dinner so we didn't stop him :) He waved to us from his car, and we were standing there together for a while, then two of the fans decided to go home. We also got into our car and just two girls stayed there (one from Holland and one from Israel).

We had three minutes of parking time left so I said "why not sit in the car during the time". Two minutes did not pass, when the girls were waving to us. We got out the car and they said that Max Weinberg was at the reception. And in a minute he went out to us :) He asked at the reception for how long we had been there and he was so moved that we had been outside in this weather for the whole day, so he took us a little bit inside, under the roof over the doorway.

And there he spent much time with us :) He apologised that the concert was postponed, but Bruce didn't feel well and was in bed for the whole day due to a heavy cold and some stomach problems (we had similar information from the hotel room keeper who came to us before). Max assured us that tomorrow the concert will take place, I hope that Bruce will be well enough to perform...

Taking up the opportunity I came up with the subject of no concerts in Poland. Max started to wonder and said that he did not know why Poland was not included in this tour.... I also added that there is a group of fans from Poland who are plannning to go to Cologne :). We told him about all fans' sacrifices, (about staying at the stadiums, going tremendous distances for their only one concerts), and he seemd to be moved. He even asked us if we had the tickets for the concert, because if we did't, he would give them to us :)

Really, he came down especially for us because he was not going anywhere. He said he was taking the advantage of the rest but when he heard about the fans outside he felt sorry and that was why he came to us...

And in the end the doorman "took him from us", otherwise Max would be talking with us longer. Max told us to go to sleep and said that tomorrow's concert will be special (I will be glad if it is going to be just "ordinary").

The four of us went outside again and we were about to say goodbye to each other when I saw Steve van Zandt in the hotel door. And he said: "Why are you staying in the rain? Come on here":) We talked with him just a while because he was going to see Amsterdam by night (we were told that he was at the concert of the Hive there yesterday), but still he also heard about Poland from me.

I guess I am too tired to truely realize what has happened.

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